Efficient Netherlands EOR & Payroll Management Solutions

Unusual Payroll expertly manages all payroll, immigration, and compliance tasks for your employees in the Netherlands. By relieving you of administrative burdens, we enable you to focus on growing your business confidently as a Dutch payroll company.

Your Reliable Netherlands Employer of Record Partner

Count on Unusual Payroll as your trusted Employer of Record (EOR) partner in the Netherlands. As a licensed provider, we simplify payroll and EOR complexities, ensuring a seamless international expansion journey for your business.

Seamless Employee Relocation to the Netherlands with Payroll Service

With Unusual Payroll, your employees can enjoy a quick and hassle-free relocation to the Netherlands for themselves and their families. Our comprehensive payroll service in the Netherlands offers turn-key solutions to meet all your relocation needs.

Salary Calculator For The Netherlands

Navigating the intricate salary regulations in the Netherlands for foreign talent can be challenging. However, Unusual Payroll's Netherlands salary calculator simplifies the process, ensuring accurate compensation for your Dutch-based employees.

Comprehensive Employee Services for Businesses in the Netherlands

Unusual Payroll offers a wide range of services to support companies in the Netherlands, catering to international, local, or global employees. We ensure compliance with all legal and fiscal obligations, including global mobility, immigration, labor law, and employee benefits.

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With a 100% success rate, Unusual Payroll is the trusted Employer of Record service provider for many companies in the Netherlands and beyond…

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Netherlands Payroll in 3 Simple Steps!

Navigating the intricacies of Dutch payroll can be a daunting task, especially for businesses expanding into the Netherlands. However, with Unusual Payroll, managing payroll in the Netherlands becomes a breeze, streamlined into three simple steps:

Step 1


Complete & Sign Payroll Agreement & Employee Agreement

Step 2


Highly Skilled Migrant Visa Application & Approval

Step 3


Employee Relocates to the Netherlands in as quick as 1 month!

What is Payroll in the Netherlands?

Payroll is a specialized method of staffing in the Netherlands where an Employer of Record hires staff on your, the employer’s, behalf and then “leases” them to you for a set duration. Essentially, you are renting the staff from the Employer of Record firm. This arrangement offloads administrative tasks onto the payrolling companies, such as handling employment contracts, annual income statements, wage administration, and pension disbursements.


What's Included in EOR & Payroll Services?

  • Obtaining BSN
  • 30% Ruling Application
  • Social Security Bank Registration
  • Employee Insurance Agency Registration
  • Tax Office Registration
  • Monthly Payroll Management
  • Tax Returns & Social Insurance
  • Annual Finance Statements & Reports
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Unusual Payroll Adds Value

Discover quick, precise and amicable payroll solutions in the Netherlands with Unusual Payroll, guiding you every step of the way.


Our highly skilled team with extensive experience in payroll, tax and immigration ensures premium quality service.

International Team

We take pride in our diverse team from varied backgrounds, enhancing the quality and personalization of our customer service.

Fast & Perfect Work

Drawing from our extensive experience, we’re well-versed in the steps required for a swift and seamless process.

Software Empowered

Our exceptional staff aren’t the only source of value; every step of our process is enhanced by cutting-edge software.


With IND recognition, a Payroll Licence and a 100% HSM visa success rate, we are government-backed and client-trusted.

Custom Solutions

No company is too large or too small; we create customized solutions to each client’s needs.


Netherlands Salary Calculator & Payroll Pricing

In the Netherlands, determining your employees’ salaries can be intricate. Use the Unusual Payroll Netherlands salary calculator for precise payroll calculations, including taxes, social services, and the 30% ruling. Plus, estimate the cost of our EOR services for relocating foreign talent to the Netherlands.

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Clients Testimonials

At Unusual Payroll, we’re deeply committed to empowering entrepreneurs to achieve their visions. We take immense pride in the success stories of the startups and established companies we’ve had the privilege to assist.

Cemile Meydan Cemile Meydan // Business Development Manager

"The Unusual Payroll team helped greatly with each step of my relocation to the Netherlands. In this way, without any administrative stress, and very quickly, I adopted the country and started identifying with the Dutch markets, as well as developing appropriate strategies for the market. It has also allowed me to not only find new customers but also open doors to work in a solution-oriented manner and with innovative products. As a Business Development Manager, this has been a gateway to both finding new clients and developing solutions. Thanks to the Unusual Team!"

Cemile Meydan // Business Development Manager
Ismail Cenk Yalçın Ismail Cenk Yalçın // Financial Risk Manager

"Endless thanks to the Unusual Payroll team, who managed a journey with infinite unknowns at the beginning, with the right information and guidance, on the most appropriate road map, without surprises, without any worries, within a reasonable budget and in a reasonable time."

Ismail Cenk Yalçın // Financial Risk Manager

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are payroll services?

Payroll services are a unique form of personnel recruitment, which means being employed by an Employer of Record on a payroll basis. The employed person obtains a one-year work and residence permit based on the employment agreement and at the same time, their spouse and children also have these rights. The specialized consultants of the Unusual Payroll team carries out the entire process. The client company pays for the application fees, payroll management and accounting fees as well as the salary of the employee.

Who can use payroll services in the Netherlands?

Companies who are interested in moving foreign talent to the Netherlands. These include foreign companies, contracts, small businesses, entrepreneurs and temporary staffing agencies.

What is included in the payroll services in the Netherlands?

  • Registration with the tax authorities through the Dutch Tax Customs Administration (Belastingdienst)
  • Registration with the Social Security Bank (SVB), which coordinates social insurance systems.
  • Registration with the Employee Insurance Corporation (UWV) covers benefits such as employment and sickness.
  • Obtain a citizenship service number (BSN) for all employees to interact and lease with national, regional and municipal authorities.
  • Applying for the 30% ruling, which is a tax exemption for skilled workers.
  • Calculating the monthly salaries of the employees and sending payrolls.
  • Research any available tax incentives.
  • Submitting employee and employer tax returns and social insurance forms.
  • Creating and presenting annual accounts and year-end statements for the company’s employees.
  • Establishing payment plans for salaries and national insurance contributions.
  • Ensuring that accurate personal income tax is filed when needed.

Is there a limit to payroll services in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, there isn’t a set time limit on how long you can use payroll services for. As long as your business needs support with payroll administration, you can continue to use these services. This could be for a few months while setting up your business, for several years, or even indefinitely if you decide to outsource your payroll administration permanently.

Can my employees get a residence and work permit through payroll services in the Netherlands?

While payroll services cannot directly issue residence and work permits, a recognized EOR company in the Netherlands can sponsor foreign employees and help them apply of these permits. Under Dutch immigration law, highly skilled migrants and their families can move to the Netherlands for work purposes if they have a recognized sponsor. Recognized sponsors are usually employers who have been granted this status by the Dutch Immigration and Naturalization Service (IND). EOR companies that have been recognized as sponsors by the IND can, therefore, sponsor highly skilled migrants. This means they can handle the permit applications for foreign employees, making the process significantly easier.

What is are Employer of Record (EOR) services?

An Employer of Record (EOR) services, offered by service providers such as Unusual Payroll, enable businesses to hire and manage foreign employees without setting up local entities and handling tasks such as payroll and compliance. This allows for swift global expansion while minimising risks and administrative burdens associated with international employment.

  • Visa and Residence Permits: A recognized EOR company can help foreign employees apply for work and residence permits. This service often extends to applying for residence permits for the employee’s family members, including spouses and children.
  • Social Security Benefits: Payroll services ensure compliance with Dutch Social Security regulations. This means that employee’s contributions are correctly managed, which can impact the family’s eligibility for certain benefits.
  • Tax Benefits: In the Netherlands, certain tax benefits are related to children, such as child benefits (Kinderbijslag) and child-related tax credits. A professional Payroll service can provide advice and ensure compliance in these areas.

Can I bring my family to the Netherlands with a highly skilled migrant visa?

Yes, if you have a residence permit through a highly skilled migrant visa, you can apply for a family member or relative for a residence permit in the Netherlands. The basic requirements that your family members must fulfill are that they must be your spouse, registered partner, or a child under the age of 18.

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